Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis

and their show 'Fleeting Captivities' will start on Saturday, the 1st of September on the Space 4 Art sim. The opening party is hold at 1pm SLT. Lilia will read her winner story in Asmita Duranjaya's art contest around her installation 'Destruction'. Asmita and reinhold Apfelbaum will perform their NeonDrumDance followed by a reading of the story invented by Haveit and Lilia as a kind of red line for their new installation. Both have created an environment, Haveit in the former URBAN Gallery and Lilia in the UnderWaterGallery; both galleries are connected with a long cananlisation tube. All has a mysterious look and the story behind will bring some light into the art installations.DJ Moe will spin his animating tunes and the visitors can relax after a long walk through the exhibitions.


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