A report of one of the artist participants of the contest:

On Sunday, 8 August 2010, artist and curator Asmita Duranjaya launched an exciting exhibit by announcing winners of her latest ArtContest challenge, “My Place in Space.” As artists and guests arrived at the DiD Gallery StarBase on Deutsche Info Welt (151, 133, 4025) all were asking, “So what is the next competition going to be, Asmita?” Before she can reveal the next topic, the artist must challenge herself. The “My Place in Space” contest, like the previous still-life contest and like others to come, begins with art. These aren’t wild topics randomly dreamed up. Well, OK, this one is wild—but each challenge springs from the expression of an artistic impulse. The artists who compete get the contest guidelines, and they get to see the art that inspired the challenge, in this case, Asmita’s My Place in Space:
Enter a tiny turquoise temple, fortified against the vacuum of space by a thick layer of steel. Its interior combines the fantastic and the familiar. The comfy couch at the small room’s center has a botanical pattern in soft purples and grays, and that fabric’s pattern spreads throughout the room involving the walls, a plant, and an ancient-looking book on the floor, filled with eastern characters—could they be Sanskrit? Poems? You can lie on the couch and gaze down at the illumined book, feeling an intense fusion of branchy shapes and color that literally drips down on you. You can lie on the couch a long time, until you begin to notice connections and layered meanings. Looking toward the exit, you’ll see a panel of buttons. Do not press them.
All thanks to Asmita Duranjaya, not only the engine behind these challenge-exhibitions but the very spark of inspiration!
My contest entry Alone at Last is the first object I’ve built in SL. This contest reminds me that art is a great way to learn, and a great way to own what you learn. I served on the judge’s panel for the “Still Lifes Between 2D & 3D” ArtContest, and when I heard the next topic was “My Place in Space,” I had to try.

Miriam's Work "Alone at Last"

Where else can a beginner exhibit work alongside that of Scottius Polke, Alesia Barbosa, minimalist Oberon Onmura, and Asmita Duranjaya? These challenges bring together a community of artists of every stage and personality, and the atmosphere is not just congenial—it’s conspiratory, contagious, and joyful in every sense of a game. The rules and restrictions of theme, size and prim-count, rather than hindering, only increase the fun. In formal poetry, we call this “singing in chains.” So, tell us, Asmita! What’s the next challenge for artists?
Congratulations to the “My Place in Space” contest winners. Fuschia Nightfire received the grand prize of a golden trophy and 3,000 L$ for her entry titled Pink Pad. Kyra Roxan and Nish Mip tied for second prize, each receiving 1,000 L$ and a silver trophy. Alesia Barbosa and oona Eiran shared third place, receiving 500 L$ each and bronze trophies. All the artists received congratulations, trophies and rewards of 100 L$ each, recognition of special importance to new artists. Georg Fall and Zera Theas were generous co-sponsors. A judge-panel’s votes balanced the public voting.
Visit this extraordinary exhibit soon, and visit often. You’ll find 20 imaginations in orbit—many you can walk right into and occupy. You might even want to buy one and set it into orbit in your own space. A share of sales benefits the gallery and fuels future contests and exhibits.
--Miriam Evanier"


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