Grid Decomposition by Scottius Polke

The term "Grid" appears often in the work of Scottius Polke. In fact, the first piece of art I bought from the artist was called "Grid Lock". The "Grid" - in the first moment a mathematically exactly calculated matrix, a rusty grid of coordinates - seems to suit itself well in the works of the artist from Texas. They are really "pieces" of art, because Polke is a material artist and a constructor; he relates dickey metallic pads with disused gear wheels, pastes halfly dilapidated pieces of paper on flawed plastic toys and drives the aesthetics of the ugliness to unexpected harmony. For the results are aesthetic, aesthetic in the way, that they would "decorate" every living room, office or bank-building impressively.
With the installation "Grid Decomposition," exclusively created for the BCC, Scottius Polke interprets a RL work into a 3D-installation and creates a room of vibrant airiness and a nearly esoteric atmosphere with interpenetrating traces of light and texture and meditative word-phantoms, which appear and dissolve. It is astounding to observe how the hard and strong acting anti-aesthetics of the 2D-artwork shifts into the graceful three-dimensionality like being infused with prayer-flags. A space of peace in a hectic pre-christmas period...
Scottius Polke's self-description you can
download as pdf-file.
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