Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CYBERart in Second Life

Reassess your definition and imagination around the term CYBERart by visiting two exhibitions in Second Life:

1st: RoofTopGallery Space 4 Art with artwork by Gleman Jun, Corcosman Voom, Dacob Paine, IanLee Patton, Asmita Duranjaya, Nish Mip, Lusus Saule, Harter Fall, Fuschia Nightfire, Louly Loon, Natsha Lemton, Nicci Lane, Bloo Ansar, Sable/snakeappletree, Ranadeep and Fafner Hofmann. .
2nd: LEA12, CYBERartContest open for public voting until 15th of June: .

01. Ginger Lorakeet - Cyber Rain
02. Sheba Blitz - Cyber Mama
03. Barret Darkfold - Abstract Cyber 3
04. IanLee Patton - Eli Mecha Musume
05. Corcosman Voom - Plan 9 from Inner Space􀀉
06. ChapTer Kronfeld - CyberWorld
07. HOLALA Alter - Small Paradise
08. Duna Gant - Le Monde de Asmita et Sable
09. Solkide Auer - Interstellar Overdrive
10. Ranadeep - "Cyberspace Zen"!
11. Elle Thorkveld - TimeFrames
12. Carabella Babii - Pixel Self􀀔
13. Lusus Saule - Bryn Oh
14. FeelsEmpty - Zeno
15. Curious Foo - The Perplexer

Monday, May 4, 2015

Art Events at Space 4 Art and Meisterbastler (MBK)

Next Sunday, 10th of May two exhibitons will open, hosted by Asmita Duranjaya:
1. Feels Empty with a new type of animated icononic pieces surrounding the topic of "Family" and its changes influenced by technology and media: .
This opening will start at 1pm SLT.

2. After that the visitor can change to the rooftop of the  Space 4 Art-gallery and visit the exhibition "Sardana", presented by the Catalan abstract artist Barret Darkfold. The Sardana as a regional traditional circle-dance has become a symbol for the identity of the people in Catalunya and the artist has taken that symbol to show the relation between circle and art; this opening will start at 2pm SLT: .
Both receptions are accompagnied by DJ Lusus Saule, spinning Blues and Jazz tunes. Cordial invitation!

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