Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Vote for Kinetic Art - Black'n'White Contest at Space 4 Art

Although everybody of the participants showed a worthy piece of art, the playful background behind an art contest is to find winners. And in this case the first 3 winners were all followers of kinetic art and it seems that the jury and the public voters had the same preference.
kjs Yip with his flexi-prim composition It's Me - A Paper-Cut made the 3rd prize with 800 LL.
The 2nd position, getting 1200 LL, holds the French artist Louly Loon with her awesome animated Dance in Black and White
And clearly nominated for the 1st position with 2000 LL has been Moewe Winkler with her work Sometimes Synchronic, a kinetic pieceof floating airiness.
150 avatars have visited and probably voted in this contest. The results of the public and the jury contest are added and show a generalised opinion, which has nothing to do with an absolute truth or an ever valid objectivity.
The contest has been sponsored by the owners of the Space 4 Art sim, ChapTer Kronfeld, Lilia Artis, Moe Sandalwood and Asmita Duranjaya, who were also working as jury, except of Lilia, who has been volontariously replaced by an external judge. 
To honor non-kinetic artists too, Asmita and ChapTer had decided, to dedicate two honorable mention awards to the best voted sculpture and 2D-picture. 
So Xirana Oximoxi with her sculpture Night Queen and Gitu Aura with her picture Headache received both 400LL. 
The exhibition of all the black and white pieces can be visited until 1st of September in the TopGallery at Space 4 Art.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aquarellarium - Space 4 Art

Asmita Duranjaya has changed her ArtHabitat, which now shows a variety of watercolor- paintings, some purely from RL, others digitally processed, getting a new expression with this method. Enjoy the immersive atmosphere of the habitat with all sorts of interactive animals. Open from now until November. 

3 Events at Space 4 Art on Friday 16th

On Friday 16th of August at 1pm SLT will be the winners announcement for the art contest Black'n'White in the TopGallery at Space 4 Art 

followed by the opening of the August/September RoofTopExhibition. This time the artist Andy Burroughs will show her work under the title "once upon a time in second life": 
Feel cordially invited to join both events and continue with visiting the opening of the Artwood sim basis installation "House of Memories" at 2pm: 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Louly Loon's Influences from Steampunk

are shown in August and September 2013 in the MBK Gallery, hosted by Asmita Duranjaya and owned by Zewe Major. The French artist shows some new steampunk influenced sculptures with a gorgeous blue or green patina and rusty iron textures, beautifully integrated in the grungy atmosphere of the mediaeval looking market hall. The opening will be on Sunday, 04th of August 2013 at 1pm framed by steampunk-music. Cordial invitation! .

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